Stoke Row is a village of approximately 700 inhabitants and is situated 175 metres above sea level at the southern end of the Chiltern Hills. It's flint and clay soil, laid over chalk, enabled its early history of pottery making. However, there was no natural water source and it is likely that only hunter gatherers would have visited this wooded area until the Saxons came.

At that time it became know as Stoches (meaning a fenced place) Ruh (meaning a rough, outlying place). Later this long narrow village, straggling along the ridge, became Stoke Rewe (the latter from the Norman French Rue, meaning street). Administratively, the village was in the parish of Ipsden until 1952, when it formed its own Parish Council...

- Angela Spencer-Harper, March 2004
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It is our aim to keep the overhead of maintaining the website to a minimum and yet ensure that the information is current and relevant. We expect the policies to develop as we learn more about how the site is used by visitors. The following points outline the Parish Council's initial expectionsions:


  • To provide for the exchange and dissemination of local information between village groups, stakeholders and residents, in a timely and cost-effective manner.


  • Provide up-to-date information on village events
  • Offer a forum for review and feedback on activities of interest to both residents and local business
  • Avoid competing with existing village organisations
  • To support village activities
  • To provide information on the activities and meetings of the Parish Council
  • To acheive the above objectives with the minimum of maintenance


  • We will ensure that no unauthorised or offensive material is published - nothing can be posted to the website without an authorised administrator of the website approving the content.Typically this is a member of the Parish Council. We will endeavour to ensure that this approval process does not significantly delay the posting of timely information.
  • There are a limited number of administrators who are able to post information directly to the website in specific areas, such as the village diary.

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