Here is the latest update from the Henley Neighbourhood Policing team.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) around the Henley Area
Working with the local town council, community groups, schools and housing officers to ASB. We have been focusing our response to ASB by increasing engagement with the local community to raise awareness of the effects that drugs and alcohol have on individuals, their families and the local community. We are working with local charity outreach services to engage with and support young offenders who find themselves in a position of vulnerability where they could be exploited. We are working closely with the local schools in Henley and surrounding areas to reassure and support them with education, information and positive intervention with the youths and their families.

Vulnerable victims of Fraud
The Henley neighbourhood policing team have adopted a single point of contact within the team who manages the risk and vulnerability assessments of victims of fraud within Henley police area. This process has been embedded into the team’s structure in order to prevent further offences and avoid repeat victims of exploitation and fraud. We have built a good relationship with the financial business sector in the community and have been arranging fraud awareness, crime prevention events and talks.
Generally victims of Fraud are elderly and therefore we have been able to sign post victims to support networks and charities who can provide ongoing services.
Action Fraud referrals: This is where a victim has contacted Action Fraud and they in turn refer the victim’s details to a TVP officer to visit either telephone or on-line fraud victims. Seven referrals were received this month, all visited by PCSO Smith, given advice and support. PCSO Janice Smith will be giving Fraud Awareness visits to sheltered housing in the Henley Sector,
starting with Goring.
If you have any information about this please contact the Neighbourhood team on 101 or by
email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Partnership working
Rotherfield Peppard Parish Council volunteers utilised our Speed Indicator Device (SID) for two days during October. 15 vehicles identified speeding during a thirty minute period. On another day 12 vehicles speeding during a thirty minute period. Many of these vehicles travelling at a speed of up to
42mph in a 30mph residential zone.
Community Speed-Watch: If you are a parish council and would like more information about
this please contact the Neighbourhood team on 101 or by email at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Henley Sector

What the neighbourhood team have been doing in October
Whilst predominately a neighbourhood team, we are still deployable to serious incidents; this month we have also been busy searching and conducting re-assurance patrols for a missing female. During October the team also took part in a week-long operation run nationally relating to County Drug Lines. PCSO Smith & Hewett contacted all B&B’s, Hotels and Taxis Companies to alert and raise their awareness.

TVP also ran a week-long Rural Crime operation during 6-13th October. This included:
 Extra rural crime reduction signage being put out across the LPA
 Attending 9 hare coursing incidents, 5 suspicious circumstances, 3 fear for welfare or wanted
persons Attended 1 possible Fox Hunting report
 Visiting 83 farms across the LPA to engage with landowners and farmers.
 Responding to 10 reports of fly tipping working with the S & V Envirocrime team
 Over 14 beauty spots visited during daylight hours – preventing vehicle crime
 Stop checks: 64 vehicles stopped and checked, some vehicles with multiple passengers.
 Six farmers/gamekeepers worked with us for two nights acting as spotters for rural patrols
 Working alongside west Berks officers for one night - 4 arrests, 1 dog seizure, 1 vehicle seizure.
West Berks seizing a second vehicle linked to above the next day.
 One stolen caravan recovered & one stolen speedboat recovered.
 Two further arrests and two dog seizures
 One cannabis search/seizure.
Overall huge amount of work carried out by TVP officers, Landowners and partnership agencies.

Have Your Say Meetings
‘Have Your Says’ are held by PCSOs in the Henley Sector every month – these are an opportunity for
the public to meet a member of the neighbourhood team and raise any Police related concerns.
 PCSO Claire Hewett - Friday 15th November between 4-5pm at Henley Sports Centre
 PCSO Chris Apps – Friday 22nd November between 1030--midday at the Christ Church
Centre, Henley
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