Forthcoming Meeting

Notice is hereby given of a meeting of Stoke Row Parish Council to be held for the business set out in the agenda below.

  • Thursday, 28th November 2019
  • 7.45pm
  • Stoke Row Village Hall


1. Apologies

2. Confirmation of the minutes of 26th September 2019

3. Public Comment - members of the public are invited to raise issues and suggestions'

4. Actions and matters arising from minutes

  • Community Infrastructure levy meeting with representative from OCC
  • Jubilee bench
  • Condition of the roads in the village
  • Defibrilators
  • Salt bins

5. Report by District Councillors, Lorrraine Hillier and Jo Robb

 6. Report by County Councillor, Kevin Bulmer

7. Planning

  • Applications
  • Decisions

8. Finance

    • Payments made since last meeting
    • Bank account balances
    • Bank reconciliation up tp 28th November 2019
    • Approval for purchase of external memory stick to keep second record of PC documentation
    • Approval and adoption of revised Standing Orders
    • Approval and adoption of Financial Regulations
    • Approval and adoption of Risk Management documentation

9. Correspondance

  • Re-enrolment with the Pensions Regulator completed
  • Letter from SSAFA VE day celebrations
  • request from Sue Ryder for donation
  • Request from St John's Nettlebed, for donation 

10. Approval and adoption of Advertising Policy

11. identification of second polling station - request from SODC

12. Reports

  • Village Hall
  • Playground
  • Footpaths
  • Stoke Row Sports Club

13. Dates for next year's meetings