Meetings & Minutes 


The Parish Council consist of six members, plus a Parish Clerk.

The Members are: 

  • Ina Chantry (Parish Clerk)
  • Maureen Ball (Chairman)
  • Catherine Hale (Vice Chairman)
  • Brian Foley
  • Tracey Preedy
  • Sylvia Miller
  • Roger Clayson


Our District and County Councillors are:

  • SODC Members: Cllr Joanne Robb and Cllr Lorraine Hillier
  • OCC Member: Cllr Kevin Bulmer


What does the Parish Council do?

We hold formal public meetings in the village hall with a published agenda and minutes six times a year, where we will discuss local community matters and make decisions on issues that affect the parish, campaign for delivering better services and facilities, making recommendations to SODC and Oxfordshire County Council as appropriate.

Probably the most common topic the Parish Council gets involved with is planning matters, as we are statutory consultees. There is small annual budget (precept) for the clerk’s salary and to deliver services such as health and safety inspections, upkeep of the children’s playground, grass cutting of the village green, emptying of waste bins, etc. We are keen to develop greater transparency and a stronger working relationship with local residents.

We do want to hear your ideas and suggestions and improve 'ownership' of village issues.

From 7th November 2017, the first agenda item will be open to all residents who wish to raise issues or make suggestions. You are most welcome to attend and contribute.

Our website contains details of Parish Council meetings, finance, responsibilities, etc. and updates regarding local information.

Links to planning applications will be also be put on the website, while they are live, as generally there is a three-week window in which to respond to SODC planners.


Register of Interests

The Localism Act requires that a Parish Council makes available, via its website, the Register of Declarations of Interest provided by the Parish councillors. South Oxfordshire District Council is preparing the registers of interest for district, town and Parish councillors which can be found at their website 



Every planning application submitted to SODC which falls within the boundary of Stoke Row is reviewed by the Parish Council Planning Sub-Committee. The Parish Council’s view is just one input to SODC’s planning decision, and it is not sufficient on its own to force an application to SODC’s planning committee for review. To understand more about the planning process and local plan, refer to the SODC website 

You will find the details about both current and past plans for the area on their site.


Contacting Us

To contact the Parish Council, please email the Clerk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.