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Stoke Row is a village of approximately 700 inhabitants and is situated 175 metres above sea level at the southern end of the Chiltern Hills. It's flint and clay soil, laid over chalk, enabled its early history of pottery making. However, there was no natural water source and it is likely that only hunter gatherers would have visited this wooded area until the Saxons came.

At that time it became know as Stoches (meaning a fenced place) Ruh (meaning a rough, outlying place). Later this long narrow village, straggling along the ridge, became Stoke Rewe (the latter from the Norman French Rue, meaning street). Administratively, the village was in the parish of Ipsden until 1952, when it formed its own Parish Council...

- Angela Spencer-Harper, March 2004
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Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 14(2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act, 1984, that the Oxfordshire County Council


           LOCATION:         Checkendon, Uxmore Road

                    REASON:            To facilitate clearing of blocked road ducts for BT

 DURATION:         Starting on 17 January 2020

                                        The anticipated completion date is 19 January 2020 (date included). Road Closure between 8:30 to 17:00

                                       (Traffic Regulation Notices cover a maximum of 5 consecutive days.)

           ACCESS:             Limited access will be maintained for emergency service vehicles and for frontages within the closed section of road, subject to the progress of the works


 SUGGESTED ALTERNATIVE ROUTE: via Uxmore Road-A4074-Horsepond Road-Stoke Road- Stoke Row-Uxmore Road-vice versa





On the 27th-29th of November between the hours of 8.00am and 4.30pm parts of Stoke Row will undergo a deepclean.  This is being carrried out by SODC and one of the target areas is the pavement running opposite Stoke Row Stores and Cafe. 

To enable this to be effective we need the road to be clear of parked cars and are requesting that cars are not parked along this stretch of road on either side to allow traffic to pass while SODC workers are completing their work.

Signs reminding people will go up in advance.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

Ina Chantry (Parish Clerk) 

My name is Ina Chantry and I have been Parish Clerk since September. I previously worked as a teacher in the secondary sector. I am  involved with a charity working with autistic children and I am also a parish councillor for my parish of Bix and Assendon.

I go to the Stoke Row Stores and cafe on a Monday afternoon between 2-3pm. If for any reason I cannot make that time I will let Nikki at the cafe know and usually arrange a different day.

I look forward to getting to know the parish, the people and working with you all. if you would like to raise a concern please come along to the cafe.

Henley Sector comprises of Henley Town and the parishes of Goring, Woodcote, Goring Heath, South

Stoke, Whitchurch-on-Thames, Nettlebed, Swyncombe, Pishill with Stonor, Bix & Assendon, Stoke Row, Highmoor, Checkendon, Rotherfield Greys, Sonning Common, Rotherfield Peppard, Kidmore End, Mapledurham, Harpsden, Binfield Heath, Shiplake, Eye & Dunsden.


Priority 1 - Violent Crime, Drug dealing and ASB around the Henley Area

PCSOs Hewett, Smith, Wyatt and Apps all attended Makins Playarea after a member of the public was subjected to abuse whilst there with his young child. Three young males were spoken to and they voluntarily had their bags searched and strong words of advice were given.

PCSO Apps found a hidden BB gun in the undergrowth at Makins Playarea whilst on routine patrol.

The neighbourhood team continue to conduct pro-active patrols. We will respond to intelligence provided by partners and the community. Please continue to tell us what you know and we will act upon it.

Priority 2 – Burglary Dwellings

Overnight 22nd/ 23rd September Penelope’s Doggy Boutique in Goring was burgled and their cash register taken from the premises – on-going investigation.

On 10th September it was reported that a Sonning Common a residential property had an intruder in the early hours of the morning – nothing taken.

Station News in Henley – offenders broke into the property on 3rd September and alcohol and cigarettes were taken – on-going investigation.

If you have any information about any of these please contact the Neighbourhood team on 101 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anti-social behaviour

The neighbourhood team continue to routinely patrol Freeman’s Meadow, Henley skate-park and Makins play area to combat anti-social behaviour, drug use and supply.

What the neighbourhood team have been doing in September (twenty shifts each officer)

  • Action fraud referrals - this is where a victim has contacted Action Fraud and they in turn refer the victim’s details to a TVP officer to visit either telephone or on-line fraud victims. Six Action Referrals were received this month, all received advice and support.
  • 10TH September there was an arson attack on the Scouts Hut on Greys Road, Henley, fire attended and police informed – on-going investigation.
  • 10th September PCs Taylor and Betts attended an address on the Reading Road, Henley and a local male was arrested for Public Order offences.
  • 11th September PC Taylor. PCSOs Hewett and Smith, a dog handler, the police helicopter and officers from nearby areas, were involved in an area search for a young suicidal male in Sonning Common. Male was located and taken to a place of safety.
  • 23RD September PCSOs Smith & Hewett stop-checked a silver Honda Rav on the Stonor Estate parked suspiciously; the vehicle had been reported earlier for shooting at birds near Swyncombe
  • September The ‘hare coursing’ season has started. The last two weekends of September Police have received calls from landowners/farmers regarding vehicles driving on their land, males seen with dogs and an incident of illegal pheasant shoot.
  • The Henley area has had two incidents of Travellers setting up camp; one on the Peppard Common village green and a second on private land at Crays Pond. Court proceedings succeeded in moving on the Travelling Communities.
  • September – a number of vehicles parked on the highway between Wallingford, North Stoke, South Stoke, Goring, Crays Pond and Whitchurch have suffered rear and front windscreen damage. A golf club is thought to be used to break the glass- nothing removed from the vehicles.   On-going investigation.  
  • If you have any information about this please contact the Neighbourhood team on 101 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Staff news

    We are pleased to welcome PC Hailey Goodwin and PCSO Tom Rudd to the Henley Neighbourhood Policing Team. Hailey has worked for TVP for 15 years and worked in neighbourhood policing when she was with Chiltern and South Bucks. Tom has just finished his training as is now being tutored on area by PCSO Chris Wyatt. You will get a chance to meet both Tom and Hailey at Have Your Say meeting soon that will be advertised.

    Crime reduction 

    Autumn is here and the days are shorter; we urge the public to check their windows and doors when leaving their property. It’s easy to forget that open window!  Even if you are just popping out, please remember to secure your home. Make your property look as if someone is at home with light timers.  

    Community Speed-Watch

    If you are a parish council and would like more information about this please contact the Neighbourhood team on 101 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Have Your Say Meetings

    ‘Have Your Says’ are held by PCSOs in the Henley Sector every month – these are an opportunity for the public to meet a member of the neighbourhood team and raise any police related concerns. 

    • Please get in touch/follow us using the following:
    • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Twitter: @tvpsouthandvale
    • Facebook:
    • Phone: 101
    • Always phone 999 in an emergency

Higher value vouchers now available:

There is a new, higher value full fibre broadband voucher scheme available to residents and business in rural areas. This is known as the Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme and offers voucher values of £3,500 for SME’s and £1,500 for residential premises. Please see the link below to access the full details and conditions.

In summary, these vouchers can be used when the location is rural and the existing available speed is below 30Mb/s. The online tool automatically determines if the postcode entered qualifies for the rural voucher scheme. An application may only be made when there is more than one premise listed in the application. If the online tool evaluates that the rural voucher is not applicable, then the standard Gigabit Voucher Scheme will currently remain in place and the website will direct you to the details of that scheme.

Both of these options are funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and will operate until funds are exhausted.

Find out if you are eligible by using the postcode search, which will also list suppliers that are active in your area and be able to advise of your eligibility and guide you through the process. Full fibre broadband is a fibre-optic cable directly to your premise from the telephone exchange that is future proof and will offer the fastest and most reliable speeds available of 1 gigabit, which is the same as 1,000 megabits.

For further information regarding the Rural Gigabit Voucher scheme, please visit:

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should you have any questions about the scheme.

You may have seen bus timetables appearing at stops and/or notice boards in the village advertising a new bus service to Henley operating on Thursdays from 25th April.

Services are timed to connect with trains at Henley (and Goring), buses to Reading at Peppard Common (Unicorn) or at Woodcote so passengers are not restricted to just going to Henley or Goring, where the service starts.

South Oxfordshire District Council is committed to supporting and encouraging more people to volunteer, so we have launched a new volunteering grant scheme to support some of the costs when volunteering.

We have now added a Planning Applications section where you can view all of the planning applications (from this year onwards), that are received by SODC and sent to the Parish Council for review and comment. The section can be found under the Parish Council -> Planning -> Applications menu entry, or via the shortcut here.

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